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Grab a coffee, water, or beverage of your choice and set aside 30 mins to complete the survey.  You may click this button at any time to view the survey questions, but you must have a Survey Key in order to complete and submit.


Ready to see your teams survey results? Just click the button below and enter your Survey Key to see how your Board Scored.

Boards may wish to consider requesting OODP support (and/or bringing in an independent facilitator to conduct the evaluation, compile and summarize the) to facilitate a discussion of the results, and support the Board to develop an action/work plan with designated timelines and responsibilities.  Involving an external facilitator (will) may also provide Board members with the opportunity to answer freely knowing that their individual responses will be kept confidential.

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Once you have your survey key and are all set.  It is important to provide this code to your team along with the survey link. Each respondent will be asked for the code upon starting the survey. You will also need this code once you are ready to generate your BSAT report.  Be sure to type the survey key into the body of the email before you send it off to your team or the person who will be responsible for administering the survey, as well as to yourself. 

Here is everything you will need to complete the Board Self Assessment Survey. Just click the link and enter your survey key to get started.%0D%0A%0D%0A Survey Link: https://asolounge.oodp.ca/full-bsat-survey/%0D%0A Survey Key:

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